• November 01, 2008 01 Nov'08

    Inside db40

    db4o, database for objects, is a true object database; it manipulates objects in such a fashion that those objects retain their nature throughout their lifetimes - in or out of the database. Object content, structure, and relationships are preserved...  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2008 01 Nov'08

    Enterprise Java Community: A Scalable, Transactional Data Store for Web 2.0 Services

    Global online services such as Amazon, eBay, Myspace, YouTube, and Google serve millions of customers through tens of thousands of servers located world-wide. On this immense scale, components fail continuously and it is very difficult to maintain a...  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2008 01 Nov'08

    Intercepting JNDI Filters

    This article presents a simple filtering framework to "intercept" JNDI operations and objects in a non-intrusive way (without code changes or the overhead of AOP systems).  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2008 01 Nov'08

    GMaps4JSF with Ajax PUSH

    GMaps4JSF aims at integrating Google maps with JavaServer Faces (JSF). JSF users will be also able to construct complex street view panoramas and maps with just few JSF tags.  Continue Reading