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    I posted almost a year ago about my trouble getting Weblogic EJB clustering to workk.

    I did eventually get EJB clustering to work with Weblogic, but it was definitely unpleasant. My conclusion, however, is that it's not entirely WebLogic's fault. EJB's themselves, while certainly better than anything coming out of Redmond, basically suck. For scalabilty, performance, security (SSL), and a universal GUI, I would just go with servlets generating HTML and let people use a normal web browser.

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    As long as you don't need any the following services provided by a J2EE container. I, for sure, would not like to reinvent all these infrastructure services.
    1. Transactions
    2. Security
    3. Thread safety
    4. Resource pooling
    5. Persistence
    6. Client state
    7. Life cycle management

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    Servlets are good, but what do SSL and a universal GUI have to do with EJB?

    What scalability and performance problems did you have?

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    I agree with the previous post. What does GUI have to do with EJBs? EJBs are for business logic. The whole concept of EJB is for component reuse of your business logic. It has no relevance to the presentation layer of your system.