EJB programming & troubleshooting: Question about local interfaces in EJB 2.0

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    I am wondering if local interfaces are designed to work with just ejb -> ejb communication or will they still work locally with a dao/class -> ejb communication? As long as the class/dao is still on the same server as the ejb, will it still be treated as a local call?


  2. The EJB2Final spec says
    "Session and entity beans may have local clients. A local client is a client that is collocated in the same
    JVM with the session or entity bean that provides the local client view and which may be tightly coupled
    to the bean. A local client of a session bean or an entity bean may be another enterprise bean (a session
    bean, entity bean, or message-driven bean)."

    This obviously means the you can use DAO/Classes to access the Beans Local Interfaces.

    Hope this helps.