TSS feedback: Urgent: A error in MQSeries "Queue Manager not support CCSID"

  1. Hi,guys

    When I run MQSeries Demo Applet the java console report a error like this:

    init complete
    New Qmanager..........
    MQJE020: 队列管理器不支持 CCSID(Queue Manager not support CCSID)
    MQJE001: 完成码 2,原因 2195
    An MQ error occurred : Completion code 2 Reason code 2195
    End of start!!!!!!!

    the source code is:

          qMgr = new MQQueueManager(qManager);

    Any help is appreciate!

  2. If you are using the MQ Java classes and not the MQ JMS SPI, then you may need to set the MQEnvironment property like this


    Where some_ccsid_int is a Character Code Set identifier. It depends on the system as to what code sets are supported. 819, 1200 and 1208 are good ones to try.

    You'll need to make sure


    are included in the applet file.

    Hope this helps.

    - Dave