EJB design: Weblogic JVM GC takes long time and locks application

  1. I have a problem where my Weblogic JVM goes into a long GC like 3-4 minutes and all the current operations and clients get locked. I am using mostly Stateless and Entity EJBs. This happens after a server is on continously for say more than a day. Any suggestions in which direction to go.
  2. Make sure that your JDK version + release is exactly supported by Weblogic. We had a similar issue and we discovered that the problem disappeared when we updated the JDK version/release to the one WLS supports.

  3. You might want to try JRockit. JRockit is a certified Weblogic JVM;


    and JRockit has more garbage collection choices to eliminate the system pause. You can download JRockit at JRockit.com.

    Good luck,