News: Humor: Who says Java programmers don't have a sense of humour?

  1. The Onion has come up with a great article making fun of Java programmers. "I've heard the stereotypes about Java programmers being uptight nerds who don't know how to cut loose. Well, that's about as far from the truth as Enterprise is from Gene Roddenberry's original vision."

    It is located at:

    The Onion is a great satirical site. The best!
  2. For all of you Monty Python Java fans check out this funny presentation:
    The Quest for the Holy Applications Development Grail

    With special guest from Monty Python.
  3. If you look the top page of http://www.theonion.com at the bottom of the left news header where the is a picture of Ronald McDonald there is a one line comment

    "Ringo Next"

  4. Yup, Java programmers can be hilarious - just read Zahid's posts on EJB-INTEREST.
  5. Although .NET PR flacks might have us all beat in the humor department...