XML & Web services: Interfacing between Java and VB using SOAP or Web Service

  1. HI

    I wanted to know that how java can call Vb using SOAP or WebService. Althought the net is full of atricles about webservices and SOAP but i need some example of how to implement it.

  2. In the new .NET platform, Java (at least in the MS J# form), can subclass VB classes and vice-versa. I know this cross-language inheritance applies between J#, C#, C++ and VB.
  3. There's a couple of tutorials at capescience.capeclear.com/tutorials that might be useful.
  4. Keep in mind that SOAP interoperability between MS.Net and various vendors implementations is still an ongoing process. Make sure to check your particular vendor's SOAP impl will work.

    In particular, MS relies on action tags which is optional in the current specification (and is not used by most Java based impl's).

  5. Why Dont you use Tifosi from Fiorano Software.
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  6. Why dont you try Tifosi from Fiorano Software. I was facing a similar problem in integrating .NET and J2EE Web-Services and Tifosi proved to be an excellent solution.