News: Hard Core Tech Talk: Shanti Subramanyam, ECperf Spec. Lead

  1. TheServerSide.com is pleased to present the latest interview in our Hard Core Tech Talks series. In this interview, Shanti addresses the need for a benchmark such as ECPerf, and describes the significance and testing processes of its various metrics; She also outlines some common measurements that can be used to test J2EE applications, and the steps for performance testing and tuning J2EE applications.

    Watch interview with Shanti Subramanyam.

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  2. The interview with Shanti Subramanyam is quite good. She explained well about the need for a benchmark such as ECPerf.
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  4. talk about EJB
  5. Hard Core Tech Talk: Shanti Subramanyam, ECperf Spec. Lead
  6. I would watch talk about vadio.
  7. Is this ECPerf a bench mark for measuring the performance and optimized capabilities for different J2EE application servers running on different platforms. If so She would have been more clear with the examples suited to any successful J2EE server performance tests.More technicalities necessary rather than a beating around the bush for all the questions.Also FYI Sun does the bench mark and approve different product API's to be benchmarked by SUN. -- anil