EJB design: Weblogic 6.1 , storing all Database Results , Paging Display...

  1. Hi All ,
     my requirement is to do a search in the database , and fetch large number of records , but then those records are to be displayed page wise in my web pages , Now Can i fetch all the records from the database and store in my Application Server Weblogic 6.1 and show it page by page , Wont this cause some performance or memory issues , or are there any other ways ?
     Help me out

    Thanks .
  2. Consider using the ValueList, ValueObject, ValueListAssembler and ValueListIterator pattern. Depending on how large your results are, you could either have the ValueListAssembler be 'smart' and cache objects that are created, or you could make it simpler and rely on the database server to maintain the state of your result set, and have the value list assembler or value list get the next page of results as needed.