News: Trifork Enterprise Application Server 3.0 J2EE 1.3 certified

  1. Trifork EAS 3 was certified on January 16th to the J2EE 1.3 specs. The focus of Trifork is to develop the EAS for the OEM market, and to work with partners who need an Application Server to embed in their systems.

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    Press Release
    Trifork EAS 3.0 was certified on January 16th and implements EJB 2.0, JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, Connector 1.0, and JMS 1.0.2.

    Trifork EAS 3.0 is a 3rd generation application server implemented in pure Java™ to ensure that the server runs on any Java 2 Standard Edition Platform without modifications.

    To leverage the need for rapid deployment Trifork has developed in-place deployment that allows real-time changes to J2EE component witch is active in the system. This has been solved with 3 levels of real-time deployment; Changes to JSPs, Servlets and Static Content, Recompiled class Files and Changed Deployment Descriptors.

    EAS 3.0 is designed for developers by developers with ease-of-use, superior performance and scalability. "We have strived hard to make a server we as developers would like to use ourselves. It is a flexible platform where developers easily can tailor the server to suite their needs. This is important when you are developing enterprise systems and need to access different kinds of legacy and custom systems" says Kim Christensen, CTO at Trifork.

    About Trifork
    Trifork is a Scandinavian spin-off from a well-established Java consultancy and software provider - Eastfork Object Space. The company has an advanced technology profile, with specialist expertise in reflective software architectures and compact design.

    The focus at Trifork is to develop the EAS for the OEM market, and to work with partners who need a high performance Application Server to embed in their systems.

    Mads Skak Olufsen, Tel: +45 8732 8787, mso@trifork.com
  2. In september, I made an overview of the app server market.

    I did not include Trifork, because I did not know of its existence at the time. I posted my overview on this site, along with the request that anyone who had experience with Trifork would share it through this site.

    I also contacted the sales department of Trifork to take a look at my overview and help me getting started with a review of Trifork. They did not reply my email.

    Here's the thread which started on this site in october.

    I'm curious whether somebody who has used Trifork will show up this time...