Performance and scalability: Is there any limitaton on no.of insert statements per transacti

  1. Hi,

    In one transaction, i am able to execute around 10 INSERT/UPDATE statements.
    If i put more than 10 INSERT/UPDATE in one transcation, it is being strucked up, and no INSERT/UPDATE are being done.

    I am using Connection Pooling class for getting Connection.

    Please let me the reason why i am not able to run more than around 10 INSERT/UPDATE per transaction.

    thanks in advance
  2. Better check how many connections are created in your connectionpool and how may connection you have used. If it exceeds the no. of connections created then it will not allow .
  3. Depends on your database to some extent. It might be that your transaction log size is minute. Most likely the log gets truncated when a checkpoint occurs, but with your transaction still running that won't happen.

    Hence, if you fill up the log, the transaction will be aborted.

    What database server are you using? How is it configured?

    Doesn't strile me as a Java issue. More likely a DB one.