EJB programming & troubleshooting: calling a static method of my class when the server starting?

  1. Hi,

    i wanted to call a static method of a java class,
    whenever i start the server.

    plz give some input on this.

    thanks and regards
  2. use a start up servlet
  3. Hi siva manic ,

    Answer to your Question

    If you just want to call static method of a java class at start up , You can write Start up Class (with main Method) which will call static Method of other class .

    Now putting Start up class into Server (Application Server
    I suppose ) will vary from Server to Sever .

    if you are using Welblogic 6.1 ,you can specify start up class using weblogic console.

    Other wise if you are using other Application Server see it's documentation "How to setup Start up class" .

    Hope this helps you :)