News: Who stole the cookie from the ECperf jar?

  1. Who stole the cookie from the ECperf jar? (5 messages)

    In a correction to an earlier statement, apparently it was *not* Borland who withdrew the very first published ECperf result... it was Sun.

    Sun provided TheServerSide with this official statement: "Sun decided to withdraw the Sun Fire V880 result using the Borland AppServer as it does not reflect the performance of this combination of hardware and software today."

  2. Ok,

    Now I really want to know what the test looked like. Are they going to reconfigure the server and run the test again?

  3. You can still take a look at them at

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    Can anyone from Borland comment on when they will republish their results? I am sure they have faster numbers to show at this point. In some ways they had the most valuable submission since it was done on Solaris, which is probably the most common production deployment platform.
  5. The whole point of this thread is to point out that Borland did NOT fund the study and did NOT publish the results and subsequentially withdraw the results. So the correct question is has Sun commented on when they will republish their results?
  6. The original benchmark was sponsered by Sun AND Borland. Sun was the party that withdrew it. It is highly unlikely that Sun will re-run and/or republish the results without a new, faster version of the Borland AppServer. I would like to know the details of when/if Borland will publish new numbers.