General J2EE: Is Connection Closed when it idle for a long time in MQ Series

  1. Hi All,
    I have to read messages from a MQ Queue for a backend application.

    This BackEnd application keeps on waiting for new messages to come on queue and if message comes it has to perform some operations.

    It is working fine if we are getting messages frequently.
    But if no message arrives on the queue for a long time (say for an hour) then after it my program start giving exceptions that "can not connect to queue".

    Does MQ Connection have a time limit , so that if it is idle for more than that it closes itself.

    And if it is so then how to know that Connection is closed.

    i mean there is method in SQL connection as isAlive()
    Do we have something parallal to it in case of MQ.

    i could not find any such kind of method either in Session or Connection in case of MQ queue (JMS specifications)

    Thanx in advance for any suggestion.

  2. Has any got such kind of problem..

    plz reply to this message
  3. Can't you catch the exception and reconnect to the queue?