General J2EE: Problem with Initial context factory in WAS 4.0 App server

  1. I am facing problem in WAS4.0 when I deploy my servlet which gets the context factory using com.ibm.ejs.ns.jndi.CNInitialContextFactory which IBM depricated , as mentioned by IBM .The reason for com.ibm.ejs.ns.jndi.CNInitialContextFactory though it is depricated is I am integrating my application with JMSAdmin tool(JMS application).

    As mentioned in IBM site :

    Technically, the context factory com.ibm.ejs.ns.jndi.CNInitialContextFactory is deprecated in WebSphere Application Server 4.0; however, the new context factory com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory doesn't work as it should with the JMSAdmin application.

    when I use com.ibm.ejs.ns.jndi.CNInitialContextFactory,

  2. "as mentioned by IBM "

    Can you tell me where you found out that this has been deprecated? Reason I ask is because I am having problems with it on 3.5.

  3. Hi,

    com.ibm.ejs.ns.jndi.CNInitialContextFactory this context factory is depricated , as mentioned in this url



  4. thank you