XML & Web services: How to check the status of weblogic dynamically thru C/Script.

  1. Hi,
        I want to know if I can check the status of weblogic(whether its running or down) dynamically thru a C program or some script. And once I have found that that the server is down, can I restart it dynamically from the same program.
  2. Hi,
    well: the better the simplest: we've a similar problem and we use the Windows API to achieve it.<br>
    You can use this APIs from user32.dll:<br>
    you have APIs to kill a process too, if you need it.<br>
  3. Hi,
    I am not sure about Weblogic. but i can tell u, in websphere u can get the datas using xmlconfig -import. basicall u need to extract the output file and get the status.
    I am sure there will be something like this in weblogic, wherein u can get the current status right from Node to Individual beans.
  4. u can try to sue WLST to get server status