General J2EE: Is it possible Access JNDI services of websphere from weblogic?

  1. When I use websphere and JMSAdmin tool of MQSeries and access the JNDI from a servlet it works . and if I use weblogic and its in built JMS support for messaging that also work fine.

    I need to access the JNDI services, i.e JMS administered which are created from my JMSAdmin tool of MQSeries (that uses websphere's Initial context factory ) from
    a servlet which is deployed in weblogic.In this case
    I am not able to get the Initial Context factory, If I run the same program as an application ,even that works fine.

    pls let me know about this.

    thanks in Advance

    Satish Honnavalli
  2. Go to:


    and look for "WebLogic MQSeries JMS Support". Inside this zip file is a PDF document that tells you most everything you need to know about how to use MQ Series with WebLogic.

    Hope this helps,
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