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    Improve has just released the production ready struts-layout 0.4. It is a specialized and open source taglib for struts that allows fast UI development by providing tags to insert usual components (form, fields, lists etc.) in a page.


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    Improve has just released struts-layout 0.4. It is a specialized and open source taglib for struts that allows fast UI development by providing tags to insert usual components (form, fields, lists etc.) in a page.
    The tags deal with the layout and the developer don't have to write HTML code any more.

    struts-layout 0.4 supports value formatting and the display of input fields read-write or read only according to the user profile or the type of action done (creation of data, edition of data, inspection of data).

    Struts-Layout project has started 1 year ago. It is being used in production. A demonstration application is available on the web site of struts-layout.

    For more information about struts-layout please visit

    Feedback is welcome.

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    I've just looked over it, yet I had not the time to go into detail. It looks like a very useful set of macros for building web applications.
    It's kind of struts the other way round: Instead of using JSP-Tags that resemble HTML-Tags for convenience of web designers, struts-layout defines global macros that are convenient for programmers, as their use is somehow like arranging swing components.
    This is both the drawback and the benefit on this project: On one side it's perfect for development and rapid prototyping of web-apps, on the other side I can hear the web designers crying:"What's this!?!?!".
    Is it planned to use configuration files that define exactly how the layout is composed. That would be IMO the missing link between both of the above mentioned roles in developing web-apps.

    However, I just downloaded it and I'm sure I will have the opportunity to test it very soon.

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    Without commenting on the logic or efficacy of the approach...

    Did anyone else happen to try to follow the link on that page to the "home" page of this site, http://www.application-servers.com/? It was offered in the next to last paragraph of this page, but the page shown is in French. I'm not in France nor do I have any localization set to support it. I'm wondering if instead they're simply presuming french on the front page. (FWIW, visiting that link redirects to http://www.application-servers.com/stories.do?reqCode=index, though again nothing in that URL suggests a request for french.)

    I also saw no means by which to switch languages. There were a couple links that showed UK flags for specific links, but nothing for the whole site or this page.

    Some may wonder: "why raise this on this site? Tell the site owners", but I couldn't see any link by which to share such feedback. I *do* see them listing theserverside as a partner, so I thought maybe someone here might be able to share this observation with them.

    Conversely, if there's simply something that we as readers of the site can do, perhaps someone will point that out. Just trying to help others who may trip over this as well.

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    The link posted was actually:



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    That IS what I was referring to. Perhaps I could have written it more clearly. Here it is restated, with emphasis:

    "It [the link to www.application-servers.com] was offered in the next to last paragraph of this page[struts.application-servers.com], but the page is shown in French."

    Again, the point was that there's no way to inform those folks of this, so if someone on theserverside.com (listed as a partner) could let them know, I'm sure it would be a win-win for everyone. Since this page links to that page, I'm inclined to think this is unexpected behavior.

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    Ah, language ambiguity again. :-( Lest anyone be further confused, when I said "Since this page links to that page, I'm inclined to think this is unexpected behavior.", I was referring only to the two pages on application-servers.com, not THIS page on theserverside.

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    guys,some wrongs with Struts-layout,when i try to install the example application in our wsae4.0.pls check it

    at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.init(ActionServlet.java:498)

    at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(GenericServlet.java:258)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.StrictServletInstance.doInit(ServletManager.java:802)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.StrictLifecycleServlet._init(StrictLifecycleServlet.java:137)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.PreInitializedServletState.init(StrictLifecycleServlet.java:243)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.StrictLifecycleServlet.init(StrictLifecycleServlet.java:103)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.ServletInstance.init(ServletManager.java:388)

    at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(GenericServlet.java:258)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.ServletManager.addServlet(ServletManager.java:84)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.WebAppServletManager.loadServlet(WebAppServletManager.java:226)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.WebAppServletManager.loadAutoLoadServlets(WebAppServletManager.java:357)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.WebApp.loadServletManager(WebApp.java:1001)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.webapp.WebApp.init(WebApp.java:133)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.srt.WebGroup.loadWebApp(WebGroup.java:234)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.srt.WebGroup.init(WebGroup.java:139)

    at com.ibm.servlet.engine.ServletEngine.addWebApplication(ServletEngine.java:633)

    at com.ibm.ws.runtime.WebContainer.install(WebContainer.java:36)

    at com.ibm.ws.runtime.Server.startModule(Server.java:615)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.active.ActiveModule.startModule(ActiveModule.java:509)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.active.ActiveModule.startAction(ActiveModule.java:355)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.active.ActiveObject.startObject(ActiveObject.java:709)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.active.ActiveObject.start(ActiveObject.java:131)

    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.agent.AdminAgentImpl.activeObjectInvocation(AdminAgentImpl.java:93)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.active.ActiveObject.invokeContainedObject(ActiveObject.java:512)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.agent.AdminAgentImpl.activeObjectInvocation(AdminAgentImpl.java:110)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.agent.AdminAgentImpl.invokeActiveObject(AdminAgentImpl.java:62)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.agent._AdminAgentImpl_Tie._invoke(_AdminAgentImpl_Tie.java:80)

    at com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.ExtendedServerDelegate.dispatch(ExtendedServerDelegate.java:506)

    at com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.ORB.process(ORB.java:2294)

    at com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.OrbWorker.run(OrbWorker.java:185)

    at com.ibm.ejs.oa.pool.ThreadPool$PooledWorker.run(ThreadPool.java:95)

    at com.ibm.ws.util.CachedThread.run(ThreadPool.java:122)

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    Struts is not able to load struts-config.xml. One possible cause is the missing dtds, which are unfortunately not in the struts-layout build and required the server to be connected to the internet.

    Can you mail me the full exception message and stack trace at struts-layout at improve dot fr ?
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    some ideas of struts-layout could be found in BroadVision's MarketMaker.not at all ,good ideas
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    I've been trying this about a mounth ago...
    I'm sorry to say there is a much better framework for templating a struts site : Tiles :



    and a great paper :


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    What a nice news.

    But, I have tried to launch the struts-layout.war in WSAD4.0.2 and I had the following exception.

    class: fr/improve/struts/taglib/layout/util/LayoutUtils,
    method: retrieveErrors signature: javax/servlet/jsp/PageContext
    Incompatible object argument for method call: java.lang.Exception:

    Can someone help me.