News: EJB 4 Architects Day 5: Large Scale Systems & Web Architectures

  1. The fifth and final day of EJB For Architects covered topics such as J2EE Connectors, Large Scale System Design using Clustering Technologies, and involved a comparative study of Web Architectures. The lectures and discussions had people asking all the right questions, unifying key J2EE concepts that had been taught in class. At the end of the day, people received their certificates to congratulatory applause, bade farewell to fellow architects, and parted, ready to apply what they had learned in the real world.

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  2. I looked at Jim Gray's (from Microsoft Research) presentations of NAS (Network Attached Storage), can it be alternative to SAN.

    programming jsp taglib seemed a little complex to me.

    Finally c2.com wiki and struts style can be expanded to make a framework, like frontpage cut and paste style of designing web pages.