EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to share data among different applications

  1. How to share data among different applications (2 messages)

    Hi, All:
    We have 5 applications running on the same web server.
    How to share data among these five applications?
    (I do want to use XML). I have tried to use context.setAttribute("MYDATA", *****); then use context.getAttribute("MYDATA") ; but it does not work.
    Please help me as soon as possible!
    By the way, in the future, we will use clustered application servers. I guess that I will meet the same problem.
    Thx by advance!
    Colin he
  2. Hi
    If u are going to implement clustering in future
    then Weblogic has a feature of Common Cache where
    u can store shared objects or whatever.
    For details referto Weblogic Server Documents and
  3. In our case, we are using weblogic with tomcat. One of object are stored in the weblogic server context. From tomcat, how can I get this object which is stored in weblogic server?