EJB programming & troubleshooting: RMI LoadBalancing and failover without an application server.

  1. Hi All,

    I have just one RMI object doing mathematical
    calculations.I want to provide
    1. Load Balancing and
    2. Failover
    for this rmi object.Few Application
    servers(like weblogic) provide a wrapper over sun's
    rmi to produce replica aware rmi stubs but they force
    to use vendor specific (like weblogic rmi-registry)
    rmi-registry, which runs within the app server.
    My problem is :
    I dont want to run the whole app server to just run
    one rmi object ?

    Is there a way using which I can provide load balancing to my single rmi object ?
    Thanks in advance for the help !!

  2. You may use 3-DNS or Big-IP for load balancing and fail-over. But these two are very expensive product from F5. I guess , you can use standard DNS for fail-over.