News: Thesis: Accommodating changing requirements with EJB

  1. I've finished my thesis which tries to verify the productivity and flexibility of EJB concerning changing requirements. The paper starts out with a review of theory and practice of component-based software engineering and EJB-component architecture, followed by a case study that acts as the experiment on which various metrics are put to the test.

    Read Accommodating changing requirements with EJB(PDF - paper written in english except for the first 4 pages).
  2. A lot of interesting ideas

    Thank you for make your thesis public.


  3. Hey, you didn't mention my tool EJBScripta which lets you write EJB business logic in BSF scripting languages :-)

    What a concept, dynamic business logic !!!

  4. Can you provide me a link to your EJBScripta plz?
  5. You can download it here http://samsonl.csoft.net/ejbscripta/index.html

    It's only really a proof of concept at the moment.

  6. An English translation please?

  7. <b>Paper written in english except for the first 4 pages</b>
    U zou moeten leren hoe te tot het eind te lezen!
  8. U zou moeten leren hoe te tot het eind te lezen!
    Translation: "You should learn how to read until the end"

    Kind regards,

    PS: good job Bart
  9. I'm curious: what level of degree does this thesis represent (University, University + 2 years (the American Masters), or doctoral)?

  10. University 2+2 years
  11. Problem with Download[ Go to top ]

    I can't download u'r thesis. I s there any problem with the server or u have removed u'r thesis?