EJB programming & troubleshooting: WHere do i get the server port and the server addr on BAS 4.5

  1. Hi ,
    I am using BAS 4.5 .I am trying to lookup the beans from the remote client using jndi . I want to set the parameters OSAGENT_PORT and OSAGENT_ADDR for the lookup . How can i find these parametsr . We r working as offshore and that server is running in US . I have access to all the directories so i am trying to find out if its specified in any xml or something . I know the default port is 14000 but still how do i conform that my server is running on that port and how do i know the addr.

    So what i need to know is , are these parameters specified in any file or is it at the configuration time .

  2. Girish,

    If you know which server the OSAgent is running on, then you could specify the JVM params on the client (-D being the JVM param directive):


    Alternately, you could bypass the Smart Agent (osagent) & use the naming service instead. See: