Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Pinting Parent ad its Child Docs at a time on diff Printers

  1. Hi All,
      Please provide one sloution for the following problem.
      This is regarding printing of Parent and its child documents at a time on diffrent printers.

      For Example
      When a user selects a Invoice say 'INVOICE-0001' on the UI(JSP). It has 2 Orders say 'ORDER-001,ORDER-002' and each Order has one label say 'ORDERLABEL-001, ORDERLABEL-002'.
      i.e., This invocie has two child documents.
      When I say Print INVOICE , The Invoice must be printed on Ist Printer, the Orders must be printed on 2nd printer and the labels must be printed on 3rd printer.
      I have 3 printers connected to my system.
      How to accomplish this task. Please let me know one sloution as soon as possible.
      My e-Mail Id is srinivas.reddy@four-soft.com

    B S Reddy
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