General J2EE: Oracle Database Clustering with Programmatic Load Balancing?

  1. Hi everyone

    We have a pair of clustered Oracle8i databases and I was wondering if anyone has any best-practice ideas for establishing connections to them. In Orion or Oracle9i app server, you define datasources that are added to a JNDI registry, and that works with no problem. However, what's the best way to support load balancing and failover with this set up? I'm figuring that this has to be done programmatically (wrapper classes that pick a server to connect to), but I was wondering if anyone had ideas or examples of how they handle something like this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi,

    the Orion-Manual has a lot of information about that. The OC4J are an optimized version of Orion for Oracle.
    You can cluster the Orion-App-Server and use it with the clustered darabase. The whole handling should be made by the container and the clustered database itself.