General J2EE: Products which bridge IBM MQ and Tibco RV?

  1. Products which bridge IBM MQ and Tibco RV? (2 messages)

    What products are available in the market that can link up IBM MQ with Tibco RV? We are building an application that acts as a pass-thru adapter to Tibco. On the other end, we need to pass information using IBM MQ. It will be cool to see if there are any solutions that can hook up the two messaging systems. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  2. Tibco used to have an MQSeries bridge themselves, some years ago.

    There's also a very interesting open source framework/solution out there: http://www.openadaptor.org


  3. Candle's CASP toolkit can also be used to do this (I should say that I work for Candle!) You can find out more from www.candle.com/websphere (click on the CASP link on the left hand side).