News: Struts Chapters 11 and 20 Posted on TheServerSide for Review

  1. Struts review chapters 11 and 20 have been posted for public review. Chapter 11 introduces the Validator framework, which provides the ability to declaratively configure validation routines for a Struts application. Chapter 20 discusses the best practices for packaging and deploying a Struts application, with a special look at Ant.

    Download and Review Struts Chapters 11 and 20 here
  2. it is a really good book. i do love it.
  3. This is the only book on Struts that too free for review so you have to love it :)
  4. The topic distribution makes the approach for struts easy.
  5. I sat down and read all of the chapters in one sitting yesterday. Excellent book, although the are parts which go into far too much detail, and which have nothing to do with struts (e.g. business object modelling, persistence layers, etc).

    The chapters I'm really looking forward to are 14 (security) and 16 (alterntive presentation tech). I could really do with those right now :-)

    Chapter 17 (workflow) looks interesting... I presume it refers to the current struts workflow-subproject. Very ambitious, by the looks of things.