EJB programming & troubleshooting: Read the "description" tag of application.xml within ejb code.

  1. Hi all ejb experts

    It is very thankful if someone can help me sort out below problems.

    1) Within the "ear" file, can my ejb code read the content of the application.xml (more specifically, l want my ejb code get the value of "description" tag in the application.xml file.

    2) Can l run a java program within "ear" by the means of "java -jar xxx.ear" at command prompt.

    thanks a ton in advance
  2. 1) I wouldnt read from a file to read a property (Plus its illegal in EJB). Set the property as a resource reference.

    2) Yes you will have to modify the Manifest.mf to include a Main-Class attribute

    Dave Wolf
    dave at getpersonified dot com