EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem with Weblogic 6.1 and DB2 Database

  1. Problem with Weblogic 6.1 and DB2 Database (1 messages)

    As i am trying to connect wlserver6.1 and db2 database, i am using COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2XADatasource driver for creating a connectonpool and datasources. Both are successfully created but when i am trying to select something from the database, it gives a error and tells to use a local transaction and two phase auto commit. And when i am using COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.ConnectionPool driver i am not allowed to create even a datasource, it gives a ResourceException.
      So, any one can tell me what will be the solution...?

  2. COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2XADataSource