News: Article on JSR 109: Web Services Inside of J2EE Apps

  1. This article talks through JSR 109: Web Services for J2EE.

    It covers both the client-side, and server-side aspects of the specification, showing you how closely tied Web Services and J2EE these days.

    Check out the article here

    What do you think about J2EE having all of these close ties?

  2. The author had said that he was disappointed that JSR 109 didn't address using web services along with message driven beans. This is misleading.

    The JSR 153: Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 Specification address using MDBs with web services.

    See the excellent article on EJB 2.1 on TSS.

  3. I have several webservices running in IBM Websphere App server in production for almost a year. The application has been very stable and the response has benn great. My kudos to the IBM folks :).