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     I need to parse MS Project File through Java so that I can retrieve data from it and store it in Database. Could anyone plz help me ......

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  2. A project file is a persisent object stored by MS Project software. it can be deserlized using MS Porject, my best suggestion is u somehow find the COM object(.dll) that handles deserilizing the object, but ev then u would have to use some kind of COm-Javabean bridge. to use the object

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    MS Project 2002 has an option to save the project file as a (quite readable) XML file.
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    not all versions of ms project has the option to save as an XML file.
  5. MPXJ app = just what you need[ Go to top ]

    Check out the MPXJ library -- http://mpxj.sourceforge.net/ Using it, you can access MS Project files from Java. HTH John
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    OpenProj also has a library to read/write Project files. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/openproj/files/. It's not completely open source - I think there are a few critical modules you don't get source for. Bob