Performance and scalability: Websphere scalability for Java Socket program

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    Ive written java socket client program that synchronously sends and receives data from a server system. Each session user will get a new socket connection, send & receive data and close the connection.
    Will this model be scalable for large number of concurrent users, say for 200 users?
    I havent used any multi-threading model. Will this affect the performance?
    I'm planning to deploy the java program in Websphere 3.5
    Thanks in advance for sny replies.
  2. Probably,it is good idea to have a pool of socket connections with a configurable limit.
  3. Are there any j2ee patterns available for socket connection pooling?
  4. Hi Vidhya, Its been a long time since you had posted this question. What was the solution you implemented. Thanks, Juno