EJB design: DAO + Session Facade AND Entity Beans with Session Facade

  1. Would it make any sense to have both a SLSB wrap a dao and have a SLSB as a facade for Entity Beans?

    For example, I have a news site similar to theserverside.com

    I have a SLSB wrap a DAO to pull up a list of articles like on the homepage. Since the site would be mainly read only, it would make sense to go with straight JDBC with the DAO for performance.

    On the other had, I'd like to add and edit these articles. In which case, I would have a SLSB as a facade to the ArticleEJBs.

    Making any sense? Let me know.

  2. In your example any use of EJBs at all would be overkill. Some JSPs for UI, some servlets for logic, and then some DAOs to wrap your data access/persistence code... this is all you would need.

    This assumes you example was not far off from what you are actually trying to implement. But if you're really writing some large banking app, then sure, use EJBs.
  3. Bingo:-)