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    Wanna quick start using weblogic 7.0.
    I have already installed the software and got familiar with its directory structure.

    I am a hardcore weblogic 4.5 and 5.1 user. Old weblogic was a bliss!! I am all confused with 7.0. Where to start with and how to proceed.

    If possible please list down the steps required to configure my own application servers.

    Config files etc..

    Application home, and property file settings.

    Deploying jsp, classes, ejbs and webservices.

    Thanks in advance
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    First u need to crearte Configuration wizard through Start-prgms-configurationwizard.
    Then u fill up the details and u should start the weblogic server under ur doamin name then u can type ur username and password .Now ur server is started up...
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    Since you come from a "pre" 6.0 version you should know that the world is different place now :-)

    Its also quite different from 6 to 7 !

    anyway, the configuration wizard should do most of the work for you. Also you should know that all configuration is now in config.xml (as opposed to the properties files in pre 6.0 versions) in your domain directory. In 7.0 this would probably be in BEA_HOME/user_projects/YOURDOMAIN.

    once your server is up and running you could do mostly everything from the console. (or if you prefere, u can use the command line tools). You can deploy applications in 3 ways:
    1 - Console
    2 - Command Line
    3 - By just copying the your files (jar/ear/war, etc) to the applications directory.