TSS feedback: Server side issues relating to J2ME and mobiles ?

  1. Server side issues relating to J2ME and mobiles ? (2 messages)


    I have recently been getting involved with J2ME apps on mobile devices and have realised that there are a few topics in this field which relate to server side Java, J2EE etc.

    1) Issues related to designing sevices to work in the mobile arena. In particular J2EE design patterns, approaches for use with J2ME applications.

    2) Architectural issues related to provisioning web services on a cellular network.

    Does anyone think any of these topics should be covered on TheServerSide or are they best covered by another portal ?


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  2. I'd be interested in hosting a forum and articles on J2ME to J2EE integration if other members are interested in this topic.

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    Hi im intrested , tell me where I'm new in the serever side and also y j2me