News: AdventNet Releases ManageEngine Suite 5

  1. AdventNet Releases ManageEngine Suite 5 (2 messages)

    AdventNet today introduced ManageEngine Suite 5, a J2EE application management suite that allows developers to manage of all the components in a J2EE application running on Weblogic or Websphere. The suite automatically generates JMX and SNMP monitoring agents for user-chosen components, and includes tools to actively monitor those and other agents.

    The suite consists of two components: JMX Studio, and App Manager.
    Read the press release.
  2. Hi All,

    How do you compare this one with open source MC4J Management console?

    MC4J is at: http://mc4j.sourceforge.net/
  3. For JBoss we are using also JConsole (web based management).
    See it here: www.servletsuite.com/jmx/jconsole.htm