News: Xbeans 2.0 and Communication Pack Released

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    The Xbeans Communication Pack is now available for download, along with the final open-source release of Xbeans 2.0. Xbeans are components that takes XML as input, processes it in some fashion and then passes XML on to the next Xbean. They can be chained together to handle XML data flow. The Xbeans Communication Pack expands the set of senders and receivers included with Xbeans.

    Visit http://www.xbeans.org.

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    The Xbeans Communication Pack greatly expands the set of senders and receivers included with Xbeans. The Communication Pack provides senders and receivers for HTTP, Servlets, RMI, CORBA, EJB and SOAP/Web Services. Using the sender and receiver you can easily send XML "over the wire". The sender-receivers support GZIP compression, simply by setting a property on the sender.

    A generic sender-receiver is also included. The generic sender-receiver makes the communication/distribution mechanism completely transparent to the rest of your code. Your code establishes the protocol dynamically by setting a simple protocol property and the generic sender-receiver dynamically loads the appropriate Xbean.

    The Xbeans 2.0 release contains the following Xbeans:

    - sample
    - translator
    - viewer
    - logger
    - serializer
    - parser
    - synchronizer
    - timer
    - memory meter
  2. In last 1 month so many new tools and new packages have been announced. When and who and how is one going to keep up with all this, where to find the use, how to get back to someone in case of any bug.
       Isnt it little overwhelming ? Not that anything is wrong with that :)