News: Hard Core Tech Talk with Anne Thomas Manes, Former CTO, Systinet

  1. A new Hard Core Tech Talk with Anne Thomas Manes, former CTO at Systinet, has been posted. In this interview, Anne talks about Web services integration, and the challenges of interoperability by discussing a real world Web services implementation in the telecom sector. She also looks at UDDI, Web services tools, and Systinet's prescribed methodology for Web services development.

    Watch Anne Thomas Manes' Interview Here
  2. i presume this interview is a little dated. anne is no longer an employee of systinet.

  3. You are correct, she left in August. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for pointing it out the video was taken a few months before.
  4. I think I saw this interview somewhere a few months ago
  5. Graham,

    Thanks for pointing this out. Her title information has been updated to reflect this.