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    Manning Publications would like to thank members of TheServerSide.com who recently gave their invaluable feedback to authors Ben Sullins and Mark Whipple as they put the finishing touch on chapters from their book JMX in Action. The book has just been released and is available everywhere that technical books are sold.

    The book is also available on Amazon.com.

    For those who prefer the electronic edition, they can buy the PDF ebook edition and download it as a 2.8 Mb ZIP file exclusively from the publisher's website http://www.manning.com/sullins. The ebook has a bookmarked table of contents and a searchable index.

    JMX in Action
    By Benjamin G. Sullins and Mark B. Whipple
    ISBN 1930110-561
    Softbound Print Edition, 424 pages, $39.95
    Ebook Edition, 2.8 Mb, $19.97

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    Is there any case study or information that can explain how we can wrap an existing J2EE application ( running in JBoss 3.x Application Server -- in this case ) in JMX for better manageability , maybe even through a third party System Management framework such as CA Unicenter or IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView ?

    IMHO, JMX based integration with such enterprise system management applications would help up to sell our J2EE applications to big companies. It may also help Java compete against .NET in the enterprise.

    A J2EE + JMX + Tivoli/OpenView/Unicenter "markitechture" could be a great way to sell to Fortune 500 CIOs.

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    We don't cover a large J2EE application, instead we showed how JMX can be used to interact with EJBs, and work with JMS applications. These 2 chapters show present some interesting ideas for enterprise management.


    Ben Sullins
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    You want AppSure from www.alignmentsoftware.com
  6. Congrats on the book, Ben. Good luck.

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    Hey Ryan, good to hear from you. Thanks. Hope all is well.