EJB programming & troubleshooting: multiple invocations to the same SLSB remote reference

  1. multiple invocations to the same SLSB remote reference (3 messages)

    Hi all ejb guru

    If there are multiple caller calling SAME stateless session bean remote reference at the same time. What will happen ?

    Because the stateless session bean is non-reentrant, so (1) will the subsequent calls be blocked until the first call is returned ? (2) or will all invocations be handled in parallel ? Or (3) Different instance of stateless session beans will be picked to handle the calls in parallel ?

    l am certain if the invocations are made through different stateless session bean remote reference , case(3) will happen but l am not sure about invocations to SAME remote reference. It is very thankful if some guys can share with me your knowledge on this

  2. if i have this rite when u get a remote interfaces to a SLSB the app server creates u a new instance of that bean to use and then just recycles it to the pool for re use so u can 1-n many clients calling the method on the SLSB and the app server takes care of it all
  3. dear stephen

    would you mind elaborating on it further ?
  4. Hi!

    Somewhere is the spec. (I don't have time to find the exact section), it is said that multiple threads calling the same remote interface at the same time is an error.

    You should create one remote interface for each thread!