General J2EE: Why I can not view the CMP bean created tables in cloudscape?

  1. Hi:
       I have deploy a CMP entity bean which will automatic create a table named ToolBeanTable. I can find the table exist in cloudscape and its structure thought JDBC tool. But I can not view the data, the error is said that the table is not existed.

    John Lee
  2. Cloudscape will change the case of an object's name to uppercase if it's not quoted:

     select toolId, toolName from ToolBeanTable;
    effectively means:

    which is *not* the name J2EE RI uses, and, TOOLBEANTABLE really does not exist. J2EE RI quotes the object names (both tables *and* columns) so *you* have to quote the objects in your SQL as well, as in:

     select "toolId", "toolName" from "ToolBeanTable";

    which will yield the expected result.