Performance and scalability: Some times the WLS throws OutOfMemory and exit

  1. Some times the WLS throws OutOfMemory and exit (4 messages)

    hai all:
      we just have a new system ,when It is integrated,I found a interesting
    thing that some times the server will throws OutOfMemoery Exception ,and
    exit the server (NOT THE APPLICATION)
     there are almost 120 entity bean and more than 60 session bean, I just set
    the java option mn to 512 and mx to 1024,the system monitor just display the
    memory usage less than 1024,os is window2k,WLS is 6.1 sp2
    anybody has ever deal with this ?
  2. upgrade to SP4 also what jvm are you using?

    I recommend using 1.3.1_05 rather than what is shipped with weblogic 6.1 (1.3.1_b24)

  3. dav:
      thanks for your reply,but am i must changing the vm?if it is ,why not the last vm version?
      and can u tell me why ?it is the BUG or not?
    thanks a lot
  4. Im not sure if it is the same case. Try with the JVM option -XX:MaxPermSize=128m

    Related information:

    Open bug in Sun:
  5. Your server is running out of heap space. Read the BEA WebLogic Server Performance and Tunning Doc. It shows you in details how to tune your JVM heap size.