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    Hi, I'm porting an application based on J2EE 1.2.1 to J2EE 1.3.1, this application has some "border" EJBs (1.1) that will become 2.0 EJBs and that have to call other 1.1 EJBs (part of another application). Can 2.0 EJBs call 1.1 EJBs ? Aren't all call to remote interfaces (after lookup, narrow, create, etc.) ?
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    Local Interface can only be used and EJBS can call each other as long as they are in the SAME JVM ...this is the key.

    EJB2.0 can call EJB1.1 BUT TWO EJB2.0s with Local Interfaces can't call each other IF they are outside a JVM.

    Hope this help
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