News: OTN Interview with Floyd Marinescu on Design Patterns

  1. OTN Interview with Floyd Marinescu on Design Patterns (1 messages)

    The OTN is hosting a radio interview (with transcripts) of TheServerSide's Floyd Marinescu on the subject of the EJB Design Patterns book. The interview looks at the patterns book, where patterns came from, examples of patterns, business logic vs. domain logic, anti patterns, local interface performance, and more.

    Check out "Spotlight: A conversation with Floyd Marinescu" here:


    or directly at:


    TSS also has a hard core tech talk with Floyd (on patterns) that will be published on TSS shortly.
  2. Why can't they just provide an mp3 with the entire interview? Splitting up the interview is more work and only benefits slow bandwidth users, but why penalize the high bandwidth users? Put both versions up.