XML & Web services: Reusing Java UI Beans after migrating to XSL

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    Hi All ,

    Our Current system is using XML 'as data storage' and JavaBeans with JSP for 'display'. Now we are planning to migrate to XML-XSL instead of JSP.

    Problem here is , We have written many Java Beans for UI purpose. Now we want to reuse all of them in new design so that UI will be consistent and end-user will not know about change .

    My question is , Is it possible to use Java Beans in XML-XSL design framework ? I mean Can I use existing Java Beans in XSL ? or there is any other way ?

    Please reply.

  2. You should probably have a look at the following projects at Jakarta.apache.org


    Betwixt will allow you to create xml from your java beans and Jxpath will allow you to address your Java Beans with Xpath expressions. You could build your framework using these components. I've been using them for a configuration framework and they have been working quite nicely.