EJB programming & troubleshooting: Little problem for u but huge for me

  1. Little problem for u but huge for me (1 messages)

    Hi All,
    I just have passed SCWCD and planning for completed j2ee technology including EJB2.0

    I first downloaded J2ee tutorial from Sun Micro System and get started but it does not seem so good then now i have purchased some book

    Wrox Java Server Programming J2EE Technology
    Enterprise Java Beans ( O'REILLY ]

    But these books defines j2ee very perfectly but no any book defines how to configur the Application server

    I have download few application server which includes JBOSS and OpenEjb but cant configur them

    Please any one tell me how to configur any the above app: server or other , also one thing more plz tell me that what should i study for ejb if I am already SCWCD.

    Khuram Khan
  2. Hi Khuram Khan,

    You can download Weblogic 7.0 from www.bea.com site.
    It has got all documents of how to install,configure and deploy different components.

    Happy Deploying.