News: Q&A: Sun Microsystems Software CTO John Fowler

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    Internet.com has interviewed Sun CTO, John Fowler, regarding the technical strategy of Sun.

    Questions asked are:

    - What is your strategy getting Java back into the Windows platform?

    - How does this affect the competition between SunONE and .NET?

    - Are you worried about the fragmentation of Java?

    - What can we expect to see in Solaris 10?

    - So will only the major ISVs be impacted by Solaris 10?

    - What kinds of ROI do you worry about?

    - What are the hot technologies for Sun?

    Read the interview with the Sun CTO

    Does anyone have any comments on what they talk about here?
  2. one more questions should be[ Go to top ]

    when is the next round of lay offs to cut some stupid fat from sun( which they have a lot - 40,000 employees ) and make it strong financially too