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    How Websphere can replace JNI while contacting or calling c or c++ program (which inturn calls cics to get data from the DB2 Database)
    Is that possible through Websphere?

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    I think websphere got its own properitory APIs to communicate with CICS and DB2.its something like the connector architecture..but u have to import that to ur development environment from the repository
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    Thanks Selva.Still I need more details regardind this.Where can i find more details about this
  4. Aruna,

      The portal feedback forum is not the appropriate place to post technical questions, it is for suggesting features or reporting bugs to TheServerSide staff. Please post your question in the troubleshooting forum.

  5. Hai floyd

        I saw EJB Troubleshoot.But i didn't see any any forum named as Troubleshoot. help me out to into that and i also need the answer immediatly.

  6. Go for CICS connectors/Transaction Gateway supplied by IBM. Use ECI to invoke a CICS transaction.

    Thank you.