General J2EE: Overwhelmed by too much to learn at the same thing

  1. Overwhelmed by too much to learn at the same thing (1 messages)

    With technologies and specifications coming out faster than I can possibly read them, I am simply overwhelmed by all the new stuff coming out!

    I consider myself pretty familiar with web services but when things like 6 ws-security specificions appear on the same day, I really get lost.

    I am reading far too widely to be able to specialise in any particular area but if I don't read widely, I am afraid that I will lose the big picture.

    Does anybody shares the same sentiments?
  2. Agreed. Tech changes too fast and many are mostly fad introduced just to make some money out of corporates. From our perspective its really very difficult to keep updated. cobol was stable for 30+ yrs, C for 15+, then came internet and a bunch of technologies changing every quarter. The least one can do is read IT magazines from a managerial eye view and stay in the market.
         Afterall in most cases s/w is only a decorator to a core business not a core business itself. When the business dont do well there is no point in releasing new tech or keep them updated.