News: Scioworks Camino 3.0 Struts Modelling Tool Released

  1. Scioworks Camino 3.0 Struts Modelling Tool Released (7 messages)

    Scioworks Camino 3.0 has been released. Camino is a visual modelling tool for Jakarta Struts. Camino's main features include Storyboard, XP-friendly roundtrip engineering, integrated Struts-Validator support, JSP Previewer, JSP Converter and Code Generation.

    For more information and list of new features, see Scioworks Camino

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  2. Looks like a very nice product, reasonably priced. Does anyone have experience with it?
  3. Sounds like a cute product ...[ Go to top ]

    ... if only I could download the evaluation copy! :)
    If any Scioworks dude is monitoring this thread, please restart your server or something, I keep getting a 500 error in http://www.scioworks.net/servlets/RedirectDownload


  4. Sounds like a cute product ...[ Go to top ]

    Try going to the following url http://www.scioworks.com/
  5. Error 500 at www.scioworks.net[ Go to top ]

    Sorry about the problem. We have restarted our web server. It should be ok now.

    If you encounter further problem or have any enquiry, you can email camino-info at scioworks dot com.

  6. Tiles support[ Go to top ]

    does anyone know whether it supports tiles?
  7. Does it support frames?[ Go to top ]

    Does this new version support html:frame? Any way to represent frames?
  8. invalid checksum error ???[ Go to top ]


    after the allmost 13mb of download it gives me an
    invalid checksum error on the installation file.. I tried
    downloading it twice allready but giving up now..

    Too bad struts could do with a nice visual tool !